2023.05.11 Pilates Fusion

Pilates Fusion

Pilates Fusion incorporates exercises from pilates, yoga and barre.  This class has a deep focus on the core and emphasizes moves that will tone, stretch, and elongate muscles.


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Emily Knife

Emily Knife

Nurse, Professor, Instructor

Emily is a dynamic human guide who has traveled the globe, nursed humans in life and death, studied the body for over 20 years, and is fascinated by the human ability to change one's mindset.

She can be found teaching and mentoring at Emory School of Nursing, or holding space for private clients, or sharing her love for movement and body awareness at corporate events. Her zest for life and laughter is on full display in her sessions with others. She is well versed in somatic nursing, movement therapy, intuitive guidance, and emotional intelligence.

Emily is also a mama of two awesome kiddos & doggies. She enjoys adventuring, music, art, and deep conversations.