2023.04.22 Tone 30

Tone 30

Get your strength training in and be done before you know it. This 30 minute class (+5 minute warmup, +5 minute cooldown) will work those large muscle groups (arms, legs, chest, back) leaving you feeling stronger, and accomplished.


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Amy Denison

Amy Denison

Amy Denison works at the CDC by day but has a passion for exercise by night. Starting her own personal journey with fitness over ten years ago and at 230 pounds, she obtained her personal trainer certification in 2018. Since that time, she’s also received certifications as a group fitness instructor and in AMPD Kickboxing, Kettlebell AMPD, and AMPD Strength (barbells). In her free time, she likes to lift heavy weights, and hang out with her three dogs, cat and husband of over 20 years.