2022.08.22 Barre Fit

Barre Fit

Ballerinas craft their bodies at the barre. This class is a total body workout that uses ballet techniques to strengthen and lengthen muscles. Your arms will gain definition, your thighs will tone up, your core will strengthen, your posture improves, and your backside will perk up. For this class, a chair can serve as your barre.

You’ll also want to have your mat ready and some light (2 lbs) weights or dumbells. See you soon!


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Stephanie Gilbert

Stephanie Gilbert

Owner, Lead Instructor

Stephanie trained and danced ballet for over 13 years when she was younger. She now has six certifications as a fitness instructor and has been leading 7-12 classes per week for hundreds of participants for the last five years. She's enjoyed the opportunity to impact others and see hearts, minds, and bodies transformed.