2021.01.26 Cardio Burn

Cardio Burn

Where fitness meets dance! This class will take you through songs that will have you burning calories and toning muscles. Cardio dance moves, body resistance, and dumbbells are used to target and fatigue different body areas. Each song has its own dedicated routine – at first, it’s all new but as you learn the routines, the workout intensifies and the hour flys by.

If you have access to a lighter pair and a medium pair of dumbells, make sure you have them for this class as we dance and workout with some great tunes.


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Stephanie Gilbert

Stephanie Gilbert

Owner, Lead Instructor

Stephanie trained and danced ballet for over 13 years when she was younger. She now has six certifications as a fitness instructor and has been leading 7-12 classes per week for hundreds of participants for the last five years. She’s enjoyed the opportunity to impact others and see hearts, minds, and bodies transformed.

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